Karine Hannah Crash & Burn Şarkı Sözleri, Dinle

Crash & Burn

Yorumcu: Karine Hannah
Söz: Bernadette O’Reilly, Karine Hannah
Müzik: Sezen Aksu
Düzenleme: Ayhan Şahin, Eve Nelson
Albüm: I’ll Be Alright (2007)

Hear the thunder, the lightning is starting to crack
We're making promises (and) then we’re taking them back
Saying we‘ve got to change and still we do it again
The heart forgives but it won‘t forget

Something's in the sueet air, so hard to breath
Something‘s in the food, can‘t seem to eat
Our mouths so dry, can't even speak

Hold On

Cause we're gonna crash and burn
If the lessons go unleamed
Cause when everything is gone we can't go on and on and on

All the doors are gonna slam
Of our own unwilling hands
And If we don‘t turn right around we won't go on and on and on and on

Feel it now, the temperatures are starting to rise
As we take charge of very own demise
Can't we try to change and not do it again
Cause when the heart forgives it won‘t ever forget

Something feels so strange (it don't feel right)
How the clouds won‘t change (from grey to white)
See what happens when you don‘t (cherish life)