Karine Hannah Dance Şarkı Sözleri, Dinle


Yorumcu: Karine Hannah
Söz: Bernadette O’Reilly, Karine Hannah
Müzik: Sezen Aksu
Düzenleme: Ayhan Şahin, Eve Nelson
Albüm: I’ll Be Alright (2007)

It makes you, wanna holla
That you need money and you only have a dollar
It makes you think, it makes you wonder
How you were once on top and now your on the under

It‘s time for instant gratification
It’s time for us to feel the sweet sensation
Just let it go, before you know
The heart will lead the soul in celebration

Everybody has the chance to show the world just who they are
Everybody got to dance right to the beat of their own heart
Cause when your moving free and owning your zone you become a star
So get on up and dance right onto the beat of your own heart

It’s got me goin', my juices flowin'
The drinks are cold, the men are hot, the room’s explodin‘
Don’t want to stop now, not for a moment
The rhythm fills me up inside the beat is blowin‘

Now it’s your turn, that‘s all that matters
Lets make our way on to the floor just like madhatters
No complications, no hesitations,
Cause it’s the heart that leads the soul in celebration