Karine Hannah Gonna Love Şarkı Sözleri, Dinle

Gonna Love

Yorumcu: Karine Hannah
Söz: Bernadette O’Reilly, Karine Hannah
Müzik: Sezen Aksu
Düzenleme: Ayhan Şahin, Eve Nelson
Albüm: I’ll Be Alright (2007)

Ut ut ut ut oh oh, yeah yeah, yeah
Ut ut ut ut oh oh kiss me there

Take me in your arms, take me to your bed
Love me from my toes straight up to my head

Your doing things I ne never thought you would, your gonna love me good
I‘m feeling things I never thought I could, I'm gonna love you good

Ut ut ut ut oh oh, yeah yeah yeah
Ut ut ut ut oh right there yeah

Darling you're my king, you finish what you start
The way you’re loving me is a work of art

Repeat chorus 2 times
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The way she looks at me when she's down on her knees
Makes me feel like a God, makes my feel like a king
Cause I take my time when I'm loving her so fine
Makes me know that she will always be mine

Gonna show her what gonna love is all about
Gonna love her upside down, gonna love her inside out
Gonna love her in the back, gonna love her in the front
Gonna touch her and kiss her and lick her…….