Karine Hannah Yeah Şarkı Sözleri, Dinle


Yorumcu: Karine Hannah
Söz: Bernadette O’Reilly, Karine Hannah
Müzik: Sezen Aksu
Düzenleme: Ayhan Şahin, Eve Nelson
Albüm: I’ll Be Alright (2007)

It feels like yesterday was so long ago
You woke to tell me that you had to go
Now that your gone, I‘m so incomplete
How I want you coming back to me

I didn't know
Just what I was feeling
I pulled away while you were giving
Me your love, now I‘ve got to tell you
All of the things you wanted me to say

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

I remember how it used to be
Before I knew that you were loving me
I had the best thing in the palm of my hands
What a foolish move to go and ruin all our plans

I fanned the fire
I made my mistakes
I broke your heart, now my hearts breaking
Just one more chance
Cause I have to tell you (Oh I 'm gonna love you)
All of the things you wanted me to say (ask me for anything, I’m gonna tel you)

Yeah yeah yeah, I'll do it for you
Yeah yeah yeah, I adore you
Yeah yeah yeah, forever for you

Everybody saying that I‘m not the one
Listen to my heart love, it's beating like a drum
I will never hurt you, my foolish games are done
Listen to my heart babe, it's beating like a drum
(sexy let me in. let me feel you skin on skin)
(sexy let me stay)