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The Cure

Yorumcu: Sezen Aksu, India Arie
Söz: Sezen Aksu, India Arie
Müzik: Sezen Aksu, India Arie
Albüm: Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics (2009)

Picture this:
There’s a girl who was raised to believe that love is suffering
She grows up and the man like a father gives her a wedding ring
Now she walks around up constant companion, our resentment, fear and sadness
The lack of laughter turns to cancer, this song is dedicated to her
The worst disease in the world
It’s not cancer, it’s not aids
The cure will not be found
By any physicist or scientist
Cause any cure living every single one of us
The worst disease in the world is hate
And the cure for hate is love
Oh love, oh love, oh love
Picture this:
There’s a boy who was abused when he was 12 years old
Now guilt lives in the pit of his stomach and even though he’s grown
He believes he deserves to be punished, now he lives his life past and reckless
Searching for love, helpless, this song is dedicated to him

It may seem
When I’m looking at the world through those kind of glasses
I believe that it’s so simple but sometimes it looks complicated
God’s love is like sunshine not be recognized
The most powerful energy in the universe
And all we have to do is use it
You may think
That there’s nothing in the world that you can do but that ain’t the truth
The fact of the matter is the battle world begins with you
Be the best person you can be
Pass those values to your family
And when you pray for those you love
Say a prayer for humanity
Gözümüze perde inmiş, perdeyi kaldır Allah’ım
Perdeyi kaldır, her yer zifir karanlık
Çile bir değil binmiş, nerde insanlık Allah’ım
Uyandır artık