Zeynep Özbilen Happy Song Şarkı Sözleri, Dinle

Happy Song

Yorumcu: Zeynep Özbilen
Söz: Zeynep Özbilen
Müzik: Sezen Aksu
Düzenleme: Zeynep Özbilen, Roberta Linares Brown
Albüm: Zee (2015)

Honey, wake up, it’s brand new day.
Beautiful morning, spring flowers in May
Please calm down; perhaps it’s time for play.
Let yourself go, you might be carried away.

Allow the beauties to elevate your soul.
Enjoy the day as you’ll never have one more
Breathe in the scents like you’ve never done before
Say, may be you do have a great life after all…


I’ve had it, I’ve had it… Please let run away
Let me swim free, with the fish in this blue bay
Let me run carelessly, roll around in the hay
They say I have to behave, alas, who are they…

I’ve had it, I’ve had it… Please let me run away
And let me frolic with new born lambs today
Let me feel the grass, bare footed… Hey, Hurray!
Nature is calling, let me take part in in some way…

Be Happy… What are you looking for?
Be Happy… Look what we’ve got in store
Be Happy… See what is in front of you boy
Be Happy… Enjoy.